The big, and very sad news around New Zealand right now is the loss of one of New Zealand’s greatest sporting legends. Jonah Lomu passed away yesterday at the age of 40. He left this life early in the morning, after a long and public battle with an aggressive kidney disease.   The nation is… More Grace

I am NOT Helpless!

(This is my Chime in on Terrorism and Feeling Helpless) Last week was, as usual, a total rollercoaster. Our eldest has been suffering through some mystery illness that manifests in discomfort, fatigue and terrible cracked and bleeding eczema sores. So we took him into the doctor for blood tests, and we will be seeing a… More I am NOT Helpless!

Spring has Sprung. Many Epic New Romances Have Begun!

Love is in the Air Spring has arrived on the shimmering shores of Aotearoa. The days are getting longer, the sunshine is getting stronger; birds have even joined in with slightly sweeter spring songs shared joyfully amidst the blooming flowers and trees wherever I wander. Love is in the air, and HEAPS of people are… More Spring has Sprung. Many Epic New Romances Have Begun!