Independence Day

We are all connected here, intimately. We are a community, diverse yet similar on so many levels. We are the underdog that rises triumphant, time and again. We are temperate and volatile, and sit waiting the next shake-up, as we are perched precariously on the ring of fire. We are humble, we are brave, we are loud, we are quiet, we are busy, we are calm, we are beaches and bush and bathed in brilliant golden sunshine.… More Independence Day


I was lucky enough to attend the Prince, Piano and Microphone concert a few weeks ago now. The thing that struck me then, and still does now, is how sad I felt watching and listening to the music pour out of this man.  I was struck with an overwhelming urge to cuddle him. His music… More Prince

Funerals, Family, Friends, Facebook, and Fleur

  Funerals are hugely draining.  This was only the second one this year for Steve and I.  Both occasions were standing room only.  Last Saturday, we saw his huge extended family together for the first time since Fleur’s wedding in 2011 very near the same beach town that the funeral was held yesterday. The funeral… More Funerals, Family, Friends, Facebook, and Fleur