Deemon Playlist – this is interactive please contribute 🤗

Playlist Damon and I were perhaps a little surprised by the intensity of cosmic messages clearly encouraging us to become and stay a happily loved up coupled. We’ve been serendipitously reminded we are on exactly the right track, continuing our individual work but together as ageing activists in the social and environmental justice space. It’s … More Deemon Playlist – this is interactive please contribute 🤗

Reflection and Protection

I’ve just been reading a few of the harrowing and heart breaking real-life mental health crises the activist and advocate Mike King has been sharing on social and traditional media. It highlights that we are a nation faced with a genuine epidemic, and I have so much respect for all those who share their stories. … More Reflection and Protection

Monday Poem

Looking for more leaves so much behind We break our brains just hoping to find Something truly worth feeling Not transactional dealing In you are the answers to the questions you’ve asked Yet we attended schools in the hopes that we’ve passed The measure and bell curve  What we want or… deserve… Joy is a … More Monday Poem

How Now

There was a post that flashed by my feed on Instagram a few weeks ago. A beautiful young woman with empty eyes on the left, and the same face with soulful kind eyes on the right. Apparently nearly 20 years had passed between pictures but the soulful eyed woman did not appear much older if … More How Now


The 10th of September is world suicide prevention day. Triggered? I suspect I am not the only person who has been, so I will do what I do and speak to this demon publicly, because if I stare it in the eye it can’t devour me. I am confronted by the entrance of another dark … More Triggered

One Year In

I did not want a partner. The joys of juggling suitors in the short stint of singledom was a giddy rollercoaster.  I adore being adored.  And there’s no shortage of adoration available to a hurricane who was willing to endure a few less than stellar matches in order to taste the magic of some incredible moments. While … More One Year In

Kids These Days

  Spending time with my teenagers and their friends is a fundamental part of life for me while I am wrapped up safely in my bubble as the world outside struggles and changes beyond comprehension.   We road trip, and I ferry the kids around for social activities such as mini golf, laser tag or … More Kids These Days