Dear Bully(ies)

There is so much I want to say to you, but cascades of words and emotion are what trigger you to hurt me, so I will choose my words carefully and speak from my heart and hope you can receive the Love and hope I have for both of us as I share these sentiments, … More Dear Bully(ies)

The Wonderful Wiebe Winding his Way Home to the Netherlands

  I remember the first time I met this tired colossus of Dutch humour and global experience.  I went to pick him up first thing one Wednesday morning.  He was late.  Quite late actually, and I brought him in my beautiful brand-new Red Kona to record a podcast. That was one of the last times I … More The Wonderful Wiebe Winding his Way Home to the Netherlands

Windy Wellington with Number One Son Daniel

Daniel and I have had a lazy couple of days, and landed yesterday evening in Wonderful Wellington.  My two eldest kids astound me with their earnest, kindness, honesty, integrity and seemingly limitless desire to just hang out with their mother.  This is no doubt a symptom of the incredibly busy life and travel schedule that … More Windy Wellington with Number One Son Daniel

Leaving New York

Here’s a Spotify playlist I’ve been enjoying all morning as I make myself ready for the return to the UK. I am a mess of sniffles and silent tears at the Newark airport.  Joni Mitchell’s Chelsea Morning floods into my ears: “if only you will staaaaay!” And I’m a puddle. I have hugged easily 100 … More Leaving New York

Be Your Own Hero

I find it quite impossible to put into words, just how floored I am by the strength of many of the people (particurly women, there, I said it!) I am blessed to know.  They keep going through all manner of personal and professional struggles, melee, and storm.   And I’m genuinely bothered when I think … More Be Your Own Hero