Religion, Tolerance and Friendship Meanderings on a Grey Friday

There have been a couple of ongoing themes this week.   Somehow, religion and spirituality keep coming up. A woman who I respect a great deal, who shares an active and admirable Christian faith with her husband and family, shared this post: It got me thinking about how great the basic tenants of most religions… More Religion, Tolerance and Friendship Meanderings on a Grey Friday

Needy? Yes InDEEdy!

  Nothing Much to Say on this Saturday   I’ve made a personal goal to write every day though, so let’s see how long this conviction sticks.   Today, I don’t have anything particularly wise or useful to impart, so I’ll just go train of thought for a bit.   I’m 36,000 feet over the… More Needy? Yes InDEEdy!

Tritium Visit

We adore the fine folks at Tritium. They have been working with us to provide the worlds largest privately owned fast charging network, and their culture, integrity and beautiful design keeps us very happy customers indeed. Here are some pictures from our recent visit to the Tritium team, who are based close to Brisbane airport.… More Tritium Visit

Independence Day

We are all connected here, intimately. We are a community, diverse yet similar on so many levels. We are the underdog that rises triumphant, time and again. We are temperate and volatile, and sit waiting the next shake-up, as we are perched precariously on the ring of fire. We are humble, we are brave, we are loud, we are quiet, we are busy, we are calm, we are beaches and bush and bathed in brilliant golden sunshine.… More Independence Day