6 days to go –

We’re booked and the plane leaves with the five of us on it in 6 days.


What does one pack for two months in South America?  Maybe I should google it.

We’ve had my two cousins from Canada staying with us for the past few weeks.  Which means I’ve had childcare, house help, and family fun on tap.  We’ve also had the extra mess that is made from children being encouraged to be creative and make forts and flower bracelets, bake and generally be messy and have fun.  I’m overwhelmed by the results and not sure where to start in order to get the house back together.

So, I’m here on WordPress, avoiding the tasks that lie ahead.

ImageThis is a picture of our living room at the moment.  Not exactly conducive to well planned, tidy or organised packing.  

The kitchen has also been taken over by two gorgeous blonde girls (my cousin Crystal and my daughter Stephanie) and they’ve spent the past four hours making quiche. 


So here is photographic evidence of the chaos in which we exist.  

I’ll let you know how the quiche turns out later.

I’ve called my Best Friend Shaun (as him and his family will be joining us on our cruise) and we’re all in a similar state of flux and confusion.  Safety in numbers.

Stay tuned, and cross fingers that we manage to get done the things that need doing before we head out.


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