Four Days Until Take off = FREAKING OUT!

Have I packed anything yet?

Not as such no.

Is my house in order and the arrangements made and finalized for while we are away?

Erm… no.

There’s a long and overwhelming list of other things I have yet to get organised, but I won’t bore you or bring you down with all that nonsense.  We have everything we need (our shots, our health, tickets, passports, a sense of adventure…) sorted out and we’ll be on our way shortly.

For anyone who already has the dubious distinction of knowing me in the real world – you will know that amazing stuff frequently happens and mind blowingly cool opportunities are often offered to me through some of the busy-body-do-gooder work I have dedicated myself to over the past few years.



I finally got to meet some switched on superheroes that are involved with an amazing initiative called the Global Poverty Project:

I first bumped into them at the Pop Dining event for the Live Below The Line Challenge.  It was a girls night date with my friends A and D.  Fab night, great food!

You’ll have heard about some of the amazeballs stuff that these guys have done, including that concert in Central Park that you couldn’t buy tickets to, you had to get your “pay it forward” undies on and go and get some good things done to earn a ticket.


I Love them too.

Anyway, that’s what kept me from my chores and preparations. BUT FEAR NOT!  I am going to publish this latest installment of literary genius and then head up to Matakana and get the place nice and tidy for the people who will be taking care of it and enjoying it for some much needed RandR while we are away.

I also totally got Steve to take a picture of me “packing” dressed a bit like a pirate and holding Whittaker’s chocolate bars which we will showering our California friends with as we flit through the state for five days before we embark on the cruise.


Please note:  Horizontal stripes are never flattering… but I probably am actually that chubby right now so will not be partaking in any of the chocolate because I need to drop a fairly hefty hunk of weight to be healthy and happy with my bodacious bod again.

Today the kids also finally had an awesome playdate with the neighbours, pasta and meat sauce was imbibed by most (Mr. 2 years old, or Bam Bam boy as we sometimes call him was not terribly keen on dinner).  So four out of five kiddies hoovered up the grub I set out before them, and then played outside like good little Kiwi kids.  WIN for Dee!  Mom of the year moment for sure.

Other than that, just trying to keep it together and prepare for the festivities on friday.

Hope wherever you are and whatever you are up to while you read this you are well.



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