On Our Way Today!


Ready as we’ll ever be and the plane takes off in about five hours or so.

Amazing party last night… Feel like the luckiest Hobbits in the WORLD to have such amazing, kind, inspiring, fun, and gracious friends!  There were some notable absences last night of course, but those who couldn’t make it to say goodbye are in our hearts and we’ll see them when we get home.

So basically I am just going to post a bunch of pictures of Last night’s party, again there are a few special guests not in the shots as they had headed out for the evening by the time I got the camera out.



So that’s a snapshot of last nights awesome.  I’ll be taking this whole blog down to make space on my wordpress account for all the other stuff I’ll be putting up.

I’ll blog more from the airport and keep them coming every day my Internet is reliable enough to update!




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