Contentment and Contemplation in Cabo

For the past few weeks I have been in email contact with a very amazing young man whom I will refer to as CC.  He’s dedicated his life to the studies of economic, environmental and social sustainability, and has been the mastermind behind countless initiatives in his quest to help our rather battle wearied planet.  My new friend WW (the man with the plan and the passion rolling out the Global Poverty Project in New Zealand) introduced us.

CC flew all the way from Mexico City to come and meet us, with less than two weeks notice!  He arranged an amazing day on a launch and a breathtaking breakfast with a view of all of Cabo.

My friend S was absolutely accurate when, after our wonderful day with CC (which included visits from various marine life including sea lions, pelicans and even some whales) he described him as “a rare and perfect gentleman”.

Aside from being a fantastic, generous and gracious host, CC has also given me the honor of being able to join him in his ongoing mission to spread knowledge, tolerance and understanding in areas of sustainability.

When I get home, I will be recruiting helpers and gathering intelligence from all of my Kiwi friends and family to help CC with his pilot project which is set up to give local schools the tools and resources they need to reduce their carbon footprint.  These schools arrange with local and national government to see if they can meet their challenge, and exceed the efforts of their adult counterparts, and should the children be successful, they are rewarded with resources and awards.  THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!  Perfectly aligned with our plans to encourage sustainability in New Zealand through the eco bach and our involvement with Electric Vehicle communities.  Watch this space.

CC is the son of an esteemed politician, and as far as I can tell, has grown up with many opportunities.  So why would a charming, good looking young man dedicated his entire life to the service of humanity and the planet?  CC has compiled and published countless books and articles, and even managed to convince his father of the irrefutable importance of thinking and acting sustainably.  He also brought his absolutely gorgeous 17 year old cousin to help show us around, and he was gracious and so good with children.  I am not sure if hanging around with a bunch of potentially boring Hobbit Hippies from New Zealand would be the way I would choose to spend my Saturday, but spend it with us he did, and we were all charmed and grateful beyond words.

Cabo is a haunt for the rich and famous.  The contrast between it and say, Antiqua (our next stop after Cabo) is pretty remarkable, but even in Antiqua, the gap between the rich and poor, the haves and have nots, the developed and the developing worlds is vast.  And in any of the ports we have been to, the locals have been pushed out of certain areas because people who can afford to pay unthinkably high prices for local real estate (which compared to the prices in New York or London, seem cheap to the well heeled).

At any rate.

Cabo was AMAZING.

We ate seafood that would make your head swim, your palette dance and your stomach slip into a pleasure-induced coma.  We were given gifts of local tequila and an amazing hard cover book on ancient Mexico (which has become a point of fascination for my 7 year old son D).  We saw the sights and met some locals and there was scarcely a gringo in view all day!

The most magical point of the day was of course the wildlife.  Seeing the whales was, to me, an authentic spiritual experience.  I took this as an indisputable sign from Mother Nature that meeting CC and planning to be a part of the many exciting and rewarding projects that have come into view is indeed the right path.  Thank you WW and thank you CC and thank you Mother Nature.

Tomorrow we talk about Guatemala.  Still one of my favourite places!



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