Costa Rica

Costa Rica means “Rich Coast” in Spanish.  The reason Costa Rica was so named, was that when the Spanish armada, or whoever it was, landed in Costa Rica, they saw the natives adorned head to toe in gold.  Therefore, they moved in, and took over the fairly peaceful people.  Apparently, the invasion consisted of a lot of running away, and not much actual invading.  At any rate, there was not any gold to be found, as the gold was traded over many generations with the Columbian natives,  Inca, Mayan etc. for other goods and services that were plentiful in Costa Rica.


Or something to that effect.


We decided to take a coffee plantation tour.  The best I can say about it is basically: meh.


Two hours in a bus, luckily with a colourful tour guide who filled us in on the history and contemporary information on the area, and then we went to a coffee plantation and had the stock standard chicken stew, beans and rice lunch that you get on these South American boat organized tours. 


What we all agreed upon unanimously is this:


We are NOT the kind of people who enjoy boat arranged tours.


At any rate.  The countryside was beautiful, we got to feel a mild earthquake, we learned a lot about Costa Rica – for example!  Did you know that the number one export from Costa Rica is Micro Chips.  Seriously.  Not even kidding.  Used to be heavy on coffee and bananas and things, but now it is high tech components and also medical gear apparently.




A rich, and diverse eco system, with countless flora and fauna species (especially a lot of bugs and most of all ants in case you were interested).


Grumpy Hobbit Hubby snapped dozens of photos, and some of them were pretty darned good, so I’ll try and get some up for you.



Next addition:




I wouldn’t make a special trip if I were you.  We did get panama hats though.  Which are of course, made in Ecuador.  Not Panama.  But you knew that right?


Check in again soon!



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