Star Trek, Storm Clouds, Children and Chores

While the rest of the planet seems to be welcoming in a long overdue Spring with record breaking high temperatures, New Zealand has finally been thrown an undeniable taste of winter.

Our heat pumps go on in the evenings, the smell of neighbours’ wood stoves hangs thick in the air as we dash between raindrops herding the kids into the house after school pick up.

I Love winter in New Zealand.  I Love that the slow cooker comes out, the duvets get thicker, the children get more snuggly, and there always seems to be a perfectly rational reason to stay in bed for an extra half hour (or more).

So all the stormy weather coincided with an event my entire family has waited four long years to arrive.  The release of the second instalment in the newest Star Trek movie franchise.  Oh yes.  We are actually that lame, and in no way ashamed of this fact.

So the tickets were booked, and off we trudged to the local movie theatre with our 3D glasses and high hopes for what J.J. Abrams was about to deliver to us.

J. J. Abrams put a smile on the faces of all the Happy Hobbits who attended the movie that day.  Thanks dude.  And, in the very unlikely event you ever get a chance to read my stonkingly cool Blog, you meet all the criteria we have laid out to actually be a Happy Hobbit, so we all have more than a bit of solid respect for you (and your stature).


One of the themes was friendship and loyalty and all that really important jazz.  The Vulcan obsession with logic battled head on with the human need to hold every single life (unless you are an expendable crew member, they remain prescribed canon fodder for the script writers, in the spirit of Roddenberry tradition) as sacred and worth taking herculean risks to save.

The film was great from beginning to end, and unfettered by conventions of historical accuracy based on the original Star Trek as the first instalment established itself as an alternate reality.  I wonder if they’ll manage a nod to the Spock With A Beard episode we all know and Love?

So yeah.

Star Trek was good, even if you don’t like Star Trek much, I challenge you not to enjoy this film.

Back on the planet earth in 2013 I have an ever increasing number of responsibilities.

I’ve been faced with the reality that being at the helm of a start up means a lot of trial and error, and it is always much easier to have opinions about how to do things, than it is to actually do them.  So I am attempting to actually get some things done.  Nothing ground breaking, just the basic nuts and bolts. Things like due diligence, budgets, forecasts, CRM population, manuals, templates, branding… you know the basics.  For the most part, it is fun and interesting and rewarding.  It is also a very steep learning curve, and I am trying not to get derailed or overwhelmed.  So far, pleased to report that I appear to be winning for the most part in these endeavours.

So now that the weekend is well and truly here, and the clock has just ticked over to midnight, making it Saturday morning here in Auckland New Zealand, I can safely say that for the next couple of days the most important thing in the world to me is hanging out with the family.

Happy Mothers Day weekend everyone.

Do yourself a favour and go see Star Trek if you don’t already have plans.

OH!  And last but not least, check out this Honest Movie Trailer for the first New Star Trek Movie.  Awesome and accurate and made us laugh out loud.


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