I have been scouring my files for the video of Carol delivering this FABULOUS poem to us at our Valentines day celebration.  Sadly, no dice.  Couldn’t find it anywhere.

Let me introduce you to Carol anyway.

Carol and Dee

Here I am hugging Carol after flawlessly and brilliantly delivering her fantastic poem at the celebration.


Reading us her masterpiece 🙂

She is a deep, kind, thoughtful, passionate, intelligent, interesting and wonderful woman.  She’s also a Canadian Kiwi (Caniwi) like me.

Here are a few pictures of I found from the wedding:


Ann and Lee

Here are a couple of our friends thoroughly enjoying the gifted and talented poetess and performer

In the Marquee

Here is a group shot – Carol and her partner Shane are in the far left corner of this shot.

And here is the poem that she shared with us that evening.

I wish I could show you the video, because it was delivered in a way that had us rolling in the isles.  Thank you so much Carol.  It is an honour to call you friend lovely lady. XXOO

To Dee and Steve West

On the Occasion of their 10 Year Celebration of Love


February 14, 2014


Ten years of anything is an impressive feat

And with this first decade of marriage

Dee and Steve have joined that elite

Group of couples who have at their core

A commitment, always, to honour love and not war

So what is the secret of their staying together?

This partnership from the land of rugby and the ice hockey puck

What keeps them saying “I’ll love you forever”

Some might say it’s obvious, they just love to…


Find comfort in each other; a melding of their minds

It keeps them coming back time after time

To build on that relationship of unbreakable loving steel

Looking out for one another and listening to what they feel

Raising their gorgeous children in a sharing, caring way

Doing something right somewhere every single day

Being grateful for it all, especially their really good luck

And never forgetting how important it is to…


Free themselves of the petty things

That can tear a couple apart

Eventually getting back to that special connection

Which flows between them heart to heart

Making a positive difference to our precious earth

And doing it all with infinite kindness, grace and mirth

And, of course, plenty of PDA’s

So despite the odd fight which does suck

Always they sort it and work out their ways

Cause they both want to have that really good…


Future together where they are united

And continuing their journey of love

With the support of their families and friends around them

And the blessings of heaven / whatever above

So even though these Hobbits can sometimes be grumpy

And a little cray-cray with emotional muck

We admire how they get through it and push past what ails them

To stay focused on having a good…


Fun life together whilst doing great things all around

Travelling and sharing their caring with others

Where intelligence and integrity abounds

Sustainability is high on their list

Of making the world a better place

Isn’t it great how they help so many?

Knowing that together – anything they can face

So I want to say ‘Thank you’ for sharing this day

With awesome people, great food and drink

And thank you for being just who you are

Making a difference and making us think


So here’s to you handsome Kiwi Steve

And Dee you gorgeous Canuck

I know all of us here so appreciate

How much you both love to…


Love us



Peace to the world…

With love and appreciation,

Carol Rewega


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