Very Tired. Now at Day 10. Time to Reflect…

We’re tired. We are tired and we have started to argue. We are tired, we have started to argue, and I am dropping a lot of balls and letting people down as we traverse this beautiful country.

A rare moment of together time not fighting captured on camera

A rare moment of together time not fighting captured on camera

I called my mother while on the road from Christchurch to Oamaru where we are staying tonight. She asked if we were accomplishing what we set out to do. And after much careful deliberation, I decided that yes, yes we are doing what we set out to do.

RoadTripNovotel2 RoadTripNovotel1

This road trip is the first public step in a journey of a thousand miles to bring electric vehicle (EV) uptake to a tipping point in New Zealand.

A picture of the fuel that will hopefully power our commuter fleet, made in NZ for NZ

A picture of the fuel that will hopefully power our commuter fleet, made in NZ for NZ

The whole reason for this trip was to dispel myths, talk to as many people as possible about EV and what it means for Kiwi households and our country in general. We also wanted to encourage interest and momentum for EV and green tech.

RoadTripSteveTV1 RoadTripCliffandThomasCurtis RoadTripTirau1 RoadtripSPmall1 RoadTripWellington1 RoadtripWellington2 RoadTripLowerHuttmall1

As an added bonus, we are getting to hang out with a bunch of really cool people that we are very fond of. We are learning a lot from people as we go, and hopefully teaching others a thing or two as well.


For those of you reading this that don’t know what we are up to, I’ll sum it up for you here:

Grumpy, myself, our friends Carl and Nick and my old friend Ginell, along with a magnificent motley crew of EV-angelists have joined forces to make a trip from Cape Reinga to Bluff possible over just less than three weeks.

We are gathering beautiful footage of the cars with epic New Zealand landscapes in the background.   We are talking to thought leaders, the public, and EV enthusiasts around the country about the fact that full electric vehicles are finally a real option for Kiwis.

RoadTripWaikawaBay1 RoadTripWaikawaBay2

The barriers to EV ownership are being removed with great gusto. The reality of owning efficient, quiet, and easier to maintain commuter vehicles has finally arrived. We consider New Zealand to be the most beautiful country on earth, and we think that Kiwis as individuals, and New Zealand as a whole deserves cleaner, cheaper and better transport options, now and into the future.

EV ownership is becoming more achievable every year, with an entry-level vehicle costing as little as $20,000.00. The market will be filling up with more EVs that are New Zealand new, or imported from other places. The other end of the market includes amazing plug in EV from the likes of Tesla and BMW. These can set you back from around $100,000.00 NZD to over $250,000.00 NZD, depending on the options you go for.

But, having driven both the humble Leaf and the Tesla, I can honestly say, the Leaf is just fine and you will be madly in Love with it in no time, and appreciate it as much as any Tesla owner does their luxury car.

Also consider that an EV requires none of the standard servicing of an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, and all you really need to worry about maintaining and replacing are tires and wind screen wipers, the basic economics stack up pretty quickly in favour of EV rather than ICE cars.

Add energy costs that come in at a fraction of petrol, and a cleaner, less smelly car to run and taking the plunge and owning an EV as a family or commuter vehicle becomes much more appealing.

Average Auckland commuters can essentially be driving a free car after about four or five years time if they buy a $20,000.00 ex-Japan market Nissan Leaf when you consider their cost savings on fuel and maintainance bills.


What exactly is the message we want to share and amplify around NZ by doing this road trip?

Very simply, we want three things to happen now and into the future regarding EV tech:

  • Charging – We want to encourage private and public enterprise to roll out charging infrastructure all through New Zealand. Our ultimate goal is to have a network of charging facilities so advanced that the humble Nissan Leaf would be able to drive from Cape Reinga to Bluff, fast charging every 100km or so along the way.
  • Driving – We want people to get into Electric Vehicles. Test-drives, car sharing, renting, owning. We don’t care how you do it, we just want people in these cars.
  • Teaching – There are so many misunderstandings regarding EV tech. We want to spend the next couple of years sharing true, well-researched and transparent messages about EV and all the benefits there is for individual owners and New Zealand as a whole.

I feel better now that I have written that all down.

Check back in after I have tackled my back-log of press releases.

Thanks for tuning in.


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