We’re Taking These Cars to Invercargill! (After a much needed rest)

You know that tired you get when you’ve been on the road, or kept up by a newborn most of the night, or working to an important deadline for days or even weeks on end?

Yeah, we are feeling that brand of tired.

Arrived home to a spotlessly clean house. The gardens are lush and beautiful and will be bursting with produce soon. Our house sitter is amazing and we’d be honoured to have her back any time! Today I must make time to go and replenish our pantry and fridge.

And once all this domestic stuff is done…

Official planning for next year’s event begins.

Next year, around the same time as we went from Cape to Bluff, we’d like to have an EV rally that follows more or less the same route as the iconic Kiwi Film Goodbye Pork Pie.


People will be able to join the convoy for one or more parts of the journey and we have already secured a little bit of funding for prizes and promotion.

I’ve been watching and listening to the film in the background while writing this blog and checking my emails. Amazing how much has changed, and also how much has not.

So, if you have taken the time to read this, and you live in NZ and would like to help out with or participate in any part of the rally we’re planning, drop me a line and I’ll put you on the mailing list.

If our trip this year is indication, it will be a fabulously fun time, with the added bonus of continuing the important social, economic and environmental message that #LeadingTheCharge is sharing with all of the New Zealand.

Charging – We want to encourage private and public entities to roll out practical charging infrastructure all through New Zealand. The ultimate goal is a robust network that will allow even a short-range commuter vehicle like the Leaf to travel comfortably from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island with charging access 24/7.

Driving – We want people to get into Electric Vehicles. Test-drives, car sharing, renting, owning. We don’t care how you do it; we just want people in these cars.

Teaching – There are so many untruths circulating about EV (electric vehicle) technology. We want to share true, well-researched and transparent messages about EV and all the benefits of EV ownership for individuals and New Zealand as a whole.

We would also be honoured to see you and have you come and check out the cars and talk to some EV enthusiasts down at Aotea Square in the city on Sunday from 1-4 pm.  We can tell you a bit more about the planned rally next year, and we even have a cache of T-shirts that we held back to distribute at our home-coming event.

Hope to see you there!  Here is the link for the event on FaceBook:


Thanks for reading, the blog will go back to family focussed as soon as things settle down back to “normal”



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