Tonight I showered you

My dear friend Kyrin writes such beautiful and raw truth. Very brave and beautiful woman to let us share her journey.

Me, Martha and Alzheimer's

Tonight you needed to shower. Your nurse hadn’t come this morning and you needed to shower.

I got you undressed and left you to shower on your own.

Usually you can and it is fine, a few minutes later you were back in your room getting dressed.

I told you to stop, I could of been gentler. I took your hand and got you in the shower.

I got the shower puff and put soap on it. You stood under the water as I washed your front and back.

You leant forward and wet your hair, I added shampoo and massaged your head.

You rinsed the shampoo out, and I added conditioner.

When I said turn, you turned.

You were capable of having a shower, but just needed a bit of extra help.

I turned the water off and gave you your towel. It made me smile because I remember…

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