Worst Mum in the Village

Yesterday evening, on my way to bring my two eldest children to their music lessons, my 10 year old son Daniel turned to me, earnestly saying: “You know mum, I just have to inform you that you are actually the worst parent in Greenhithe” To which I replied: “Really?  That’s interesting.  And why is that?” “Because every other kid in my class doesn’t have to pack their own lunch.”  He shook his head gravely.  “They can if they want to, but all they have to do in the mornings is get dressed and brush their teeth, and their parents do their lunch box.” I laughed, and laughed, and then laughed some more.  Tears started to come out of my eyes the laughter was so strong. DysfunctionFunny When the car was safely pulled over before I booted the children out curb-side so I could get some groceries while they attended their lessons, I looked into my eldest son’s beautiful big brown eyes and said: “If that is your biggest complaint in life, we’re going to have to expose you to a bit more real life stuff.” “I know, I know, life’s tough and full of Stuff.”  He said. “Yes it is.  And you don’t have it tough at all kiddly wink.” And with that I booted him unceremoniously out of the car and headed up the hill for groceries. We provide all the ingredients for a healthy lunch in this house.  We believe in independence, chipping in, honesty, integrity, and self monitoring.  Our children are encouraged to pack their own lunch, suitcases, and take care of their own homework and the materials they need for after school activities.  Twice a week, every week my daughter yells and cries because she can’t find her dance shoes.  My response to these outbursts is always the same: “They aren’t my shoes, and it isn’t my job to look after your things.” I say to my beautiful blonde diva daughter. “You’ll thank me when you’re older and can take care of yourself.” And so it goes in our home.  We are all extremely busy.  There is a calendar for each of the four children, my husband, myself, and each of the two Tesla electric vehicles.  It is my job to look after my engagements, and to ensure the kids get to their playdates and activities.  It is my children’s job to be children, take care of their own things, and grow more and more independent every day. And for this, I am the worst mother in the entire village.  Apparently. Guess I am okay with that. Have a great day whatever you are up to.

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