Monday Morning Meanderings (AKA How Husband Decided He was a Superhero)

I proper LOVE mornings. Winter mornings are a special kind of fabulous. I say this, because I am lucky enough to live in a house with more than adequate insulation and heating.

Our only daughter (currently 8)  taking a selfie this morning in our bed.

Our only daughter (currently 8) taking a selfie this morning in our bed.


Foggy winter morning just outside our bedroom window


Our children one morning a few weeks ago, we are totally outnumbered.


Our Two Teslas cutting a formidable silhouette through the winter fog.

Well over half of the people in the country probably don’t like mornings in the winter because they are in cold, damp, often overpriced housing, and they spend the winter sick or shivering.

As soon as we’ve witnessed the true tipping point on the EV and greentech movement, and this gorgeous country is finally truly #LeadingTheCharge on renewable energy and sustainability, then we are going to find some clever people from here and around the world to work with and tackle poverty and (at the same time because the two are inextricably linked) women’s issues.*

Strong women mean a strong society. We live in an age where childcare and domestic chores do not automatically have to be a woman’s domain. There are fabulous stay-at-home dads who support driven and successful partners and successfully pilot thriving households. Strong, educated women with a self-esteem do not stay in harmful relationships. They make better decisions for themselves and their current and future families. They make wonderful role models in their own nuclear and extended families, and they give other women (like DEE!) tangible sources of inspiration to keep going when things get tough and obstacles appear.

So yes, where was I again… Oh that is right, mornings.

The feeling of being snuggled up as the children file in for morning cuddles and cartoons is one of my favourite things in the world.

Recently, the baby has been sleeping through the night in his own crib, in his own room at the other end of the house where it is warm and snuggly and quiet. He goes down around 9:00 and gets up around 6:00am. This is the light at the end of the tunnel and we’ll be able to escape the children for days, perhaps weeks at a time in a few short years when they are all big enough to be farmed out to various family and friends and happy to be so.

The conversation I wanted to share with you this morning, and apologies for taking so long to get to it, is this:

As is often the case when something goes well (or even if something goes terribly wrong) is that we take a moment to retrace the steps that led to things panning out they way they did. What I have noticed recently, is my husband has adopted an almost superhuman ability to take credit for things panning out well. I think I am fine with this, as he’s a fairly wonderful human and churns through more awesomeness when his confidence is high.  Trust me when I tell you, that his confidence is currently somewhere in the stratosphere.  For the most part, I really enjoy seeing him like this.

“I like this baby sleeping through the night stuff.” Said my chipper husband before dutifully heading to the kitchen to make me an espresso. “When did this start happening I wonder.” He continued.

We went through a number of factors that contributed to the warm, cozy environment that the baby now enjoys for several uninterrupted hours a night. And then, like a small bolt of lightening, Steve piped up and said: “I know, it was when I put the heater in that room.”

To which I responded; “Yes darling. I do believe you will find, that it won’t be much of a stretch to find that every single good thing that happens to this family, or every single person who we have ever meet, seen, or known, can be fairly easily traced directly and indirectly to you.”

There was a pause. There was a laugh. And when the laughter subsided Steve piped in with: “You’re probably right.”



And so our day began.  My husband the ever humble superhero was ready to take on another day.

Have a magnificent Monday if that is when you are reading this, or a great week if this crosses your eyeballs on a different day.

Thanks for reading.


*Relevant but worthwhile tangent to discuss.

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