Johari Window: A Step on the Road to Being Self-Aware – A Tool – (Helps Me Try and Curb Tendency to Over-Share)

Good morning!


Entirely not true in my case, as I wish everyone a good everything most of the time… but the E-card made me laugh so I am sharing.

I wonder how many people about to read this are familiar with the Johari Window? (for those of you who don’t know, the different coloured words will take you to a really great link if you click on them, this particular link is a PDF on the Johari Window I found on, and is well worth a glance)

This is a great tool for getting yourself or a group you are working with on the right track, and encouraging a culture of honesty and transparency.


Very simply, you describe yourself, and the people who work with you or have any sort of vested interest in what you are doing can do the same.  I have shared a link to a page where all of that information gets collated into a grid that tells you what you know, what everyone knows, what you know but everyone doesn’t know, and what you don’t know you don’t know… Kind of.

Confused yet? Don’t worry, it is actually kind of fun.

I encouraged a bunch of people to take the Myers Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI) assessment a few years back, and a few of you found that really helpful.

I would STRONGLY encourage you to spend some productively wasted time today, or anytime this week when you have a minute, and start out your own Johari Window profile online. You can invite people to contribute. Fun for introverts and extroverts alike!

I like that I can have a brief chat with you about it and not have to reference the stuffing out of every single thought or insight I might have.

OKAY!  Here is the link:

You can add to my window and/or start your own, I will gladly contribute to your Johari Window as best I can, even if we only know each other online and not so much IRL, I will be honest in my assessment I promise.

Hopefully, if enough people participate and share this exercise, we will all get a pretty clear picture of who we are and how we are perceived vs how we perceive ourselves.

*Note – You cannot fail at this, so just be as honest as possible.

Clock is just about to tick over to 5:00am so I best get up and ready for the day.  As Effie Trinkett would say:  “It is going to be a Big Big BIG day!”


Demolished the Hunger Games trilogy in one weekend recently. Very enjoyable read. Effie is quite the character! Have a great day, and remember your manners 😉

Have a great one.  And here are a couple more links to Johari Window stuff, including a video that will help explain it a bit perhaps.

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