Spring has Sprung. Many Epic New Romances Have Begun!

Love is in the Air
Spring has arrived on the shimmering shores of Aotearoa.
The days are getting longer, the sunshine is getting stronger; birds have even joined in with slightly sweeter spring songs shared joyfully amidst the blooming flowers and trees wherever I wander.
Love is in the air, and HEAPS of people are “hooking up” and taking a chance on romance. It does this Hobbit heart a world of good to witness this schmaltzy, loved-up, googly eyed greatness.

It has been a long time (13 years) since Grumpy and I were at this honeymoon stage of our relationship. I must say though, even all these years down the track, Spring brings with it some sort of renewed gratitude that I have found my soul mate and fought through some very difficult times and situations to stay in this magnificent marriage.

All of this Love and romance in the air got me thinking: Statistically speaking, there is going to be more than one “soul-mate” for all of us, and how lucky/unlucky to bump into more than one at the same time it must be.

It happens to lots of people that they have to make a choice, and I’m pleased to report that neither Phteven nor myself feel any imminent danger of jumping ship from our marriage, but I certainly understand how this could happen, either voluntarily or otherwise.

Where was I? That was a bit of a tangent…

Oh yes. LOVE is in the air, it is all around, blah, blah, blabbidy blah.

A good EV geek friend of ours: Downtown Mr. M “the traveler” Brown came up with a formula for guessing how many “soul-mates” or at the very least, compatible partners there were on the planet for him, or any of us for that matter. He used a formula similar to the Drake Equation and came up with a number in the tens of thousands.

M lost his kindred spirit, best friend and wife a couple of years ago now, and he has been in no hurry to go out and embark on a new relationship, despite several offers and interested parties propositioning him. Once he was offered boom boom in a food court in Thailand, but he graciously declined this generous (and direct) advance. Makes a great story though.

M is on a journey of self-discovery and has been around the planet several times since I met him. He is gaining knowledge, nurturing friendships, and learning about himself and the world around him.

One day he will have grieved enough, learned enough, and healed enough to get back out in the dating trenches, but he is no great hurry, and I respect the absolute ever-loving-stuffing out this man for all of these things.

M is just one of the many friends I know and Love dearly, who are grieving the loss of a partner, or the end of a marriage or relationship.

He and I also had a long heart to heart about a mutual friend of ours who we were keen to see coupled after an amicable divorce. This friend spent a good chunk of the time I have known him being his own worst enemy, and basically scared of women. The man of whom I speak is one of the most loved up newly coupled people on the planet currently. He can’t stop grinning like an idiot or staring lovingly into his beautiful new girlfriend’s eyes at parties. The whole world is full of rainbows and unicorn farts for this guy and his gorgeous new girlfriend, and I am absolutely LOVING watching it all from the sidelines.

So, wherever you are in life and Love, I wish you so much joy and happiness.
If you are struggling through tough times in your relationship, I hope it gets better for everyone and honesty, kindness and resilience guide you and your lover to a better place.

If you are grieving, I wish you strength, light and hope. I pray that you can see that there is beauty all around you, and Love yourself enough to either be happy with or without a significant other. And I hope I get to hug you at some point because hugs are very healing.

If you are one of the eye-rolling ridiculously cute couples that seem to be dotted among my landscape, then I hope that you can enjoy this and every stage of the relationship that lays ahead of you.

New Lovers hold such promise, and whatever happens, be it a wonderful week, a fleeting spring romance, or a Love that lasts for the rest of both of your lives and on through eternity, I thank you for taking a risk on Love and giving a part of your heart and self to someone else.

Love truly is what makes the world go round.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading.

I Love You

I can’t. Like I actually can’t EVEN. I mean I can’t BEGIN to express just how consumed with Love I am for you.

Our first wedding...

Our first wedding…

I Love you when you roll over and give me a morning breath kiss on some random Wednesday, before we jump in the shower to prepare for battle in the trenches of social and technological justice and change…
Sleeping in… Hubby kindly took a snap to share with you :-)  Gosh I Love bed…

Sleeping in… Hubby kindly took a snap to share with you 🙂 Gosh I Love bed…

I Love you when you yell at me to stop making plans for you that you don’t want to do. Like interviews and key-note speeches, and photo shoots. I Love you when you sheepishly admit I was right to throw you head first out of your comfort zone and into the spotlight because you know, and I know, that we cannot be successful in a vacuum.
A rare moment of together time not fighting captured on camera

A rare moment of together time not fighting captured on camera

I Love you when you play with our children. When you answer the constant and unrelenting barrage of curly questions with accuracy and humour.
My hottie hubby... I got pretty lucky.  Might need to reign in the cray cray.

My hottie hubby… I got pretty lucky. Might need to reign in the cray cray.

I Love you when we are road tripping in the USA and you make light of social and moral inconsistencies and conspicuous consumerism as it bombards our senses.

I Love you when you scream at us for peace and beg for silence, knowing that peace and silence are not what you signed up for when you married me and met each of our four fabulous miracles on the day of their births.

Big smiles from James on my Birthday morning (he is six days old)

Big smiles from James on my Birthday morning (he is six days old)

I Love you when you cry at proposal videos on YouTube.

I Love you when you tell me you have a crush on someone because I know that you will crush on most beautiful, intelligent women, and you will always, ALWAYS stay faithful to me above every other person on earth.

I Love you when you make me coffee.

I Love you when you say thank you.

I Love you when you pick up hitch-hikers and call me on speaker phone to introduce me to them.

I Love you when you stop and talk to anyone and everyone about EV and clean energy. I Love when you let me invite complete strangers to stay at our home and we become firm friends with them.

I Love you when you think of some crazy generous idea to help a stranger or a friend.

I love that you so often hold up a mirror and let people’s greatness shine back at them. You show by example every single day that we are all infinitely powerful and able to do great things if we embrace big ideas and steel our fears and doubts in order to do little things that make a big difference.

I Love you when you share articles about woo or grammar or social justice on my wall.

I Love you when you decide we are going to spend all our time and money for the next several years rolling out the largest fast charging network in the Southern Hemisphere. I Love you when you tell me you couldn’t do it without me. I Love you when you do an interview and forget to have both hands on the steering wheel during filming, despite the fact I asked you a thousand times to hold the wheel at 10 and 2 or I can’t use the footage.

I Love you when you take my head in both your hands and kiss me deeply and passionately while standing in line waiting to pay for lunch at the mall on any insignificant weekday.

I Love you when you tell the children that their mother is beautiful.

I Love you when you wait for me to start talking to you after a week of silence because you have done or said something despicable to me, thinking it was funny.

I could go on for an eternity on all the things you do every day that remind me that the point where either of us begin or end is indistinguishable.

We often talk about what life would be like if we hadn’t found each other. You complete me, as I do you, and you drive me wild and make me want to scream. And I know that you are often given cause to lament marrying the LOUDEST woman in New Zealand.

Saying Thank You for all that you do, and all that you are, and all that you have given to me and so many people seems hollow and frivolous.

But I am going to say it anyway. THANK YOU. Thank you. Thank. You.

You stand on the precipice of a great chapter. You hear from strangers and friends that you are doing amazing things, and yet you know always, that you could do nothing without the support and help of hundreds, perhaps thousands of individuals. You are gracious to those who believe in what you are doing and support you tooth and nail as you slash and hack your way through red tape, risk aversion, fear and ignorance. You can also be a bit of an arrogant prick when you’re faced with some annoying roadblock or officious person holding you back. I particularly love the cool, calculating way in which you own their ass when forced to go head to head with this kind of ignorance. Seriously, that makes me weak in the knees every time.

With all that you do, and all that you have done, you remain humble and tenaciously focused on the end goal of a better future for everyone. You believe everyone deserves better, and you give of yourself day in and day out to deliver solutions and change that will benefit people you might never even meet.

You are the Love of my life. You are my very best friend, and you embrace and encourage all of our many healthy and wonderful . You put me in my place, you pick me up off the floor, and you always ALWAYS tell me the truth.

And I Love you for all of this and so much more.

Happy Birthday.