Last Night I had the Strangest Dream

I did not sail away to China, in a little row boat to find you.  And it just so happens my laundry was already clean.

I did, however, have a series of strange and comforting sleepy/wakey dreams that I’ve always equivocated to some sort of spirituality or foresight.  I am a very spiritual creature.  Partly to piss off my Husband who only does science, but mostly, because my big hobbity heart believes in magic and magic is what I wanted to talk about today.

We’re currently at Whistler on a Western whistle stop tour of Canada for Christmas with the kids.  Last night was Christmas eve.  Oh my goodness, they like to party here.  We were tucked up in our apartment by 7:30pm and subjected to teeth rattling bass from the nightclub downstairs until the wee hours of the morning.  Because of this, or perhaps the time zone differences, sleep eluded both Grumpy and myself most of the night.

Between 10:30pm and 2:00am I was able to drift in and out of something that isn’t quite sleep, but almost.

While in this dreamy wanting to be asleep completely state three things happened vividly in my minds eye.

  1. Images of the local First Nations Eagle burned vividly on my closed eyelids, as did images of eagles in flight and perched majestically on branches and so forth. I thought perhaps it was the raven as I find the artwork to look quite similar, but nope.  Eagle, eagle, eagle all over the place were images of real and artistic reproductions of eagles.                              EagleArtWestCoast

2.Rainbows and sunspots and images of light refracting everywhere.  Lots of images of water, and leaves and stuff.

3.New Zealand.  So many fabulous images of the country I Love so much, from the dunes of Opononi and the Hokianga, to the amazing Southern Fjords.  New Zealand, and the people I know and Love around the country wafted so beautifully across my consciousness until I finally did truly fall to sleep…

So now, as I watch Doctor Who with Grumpy slurping miso soup next to me, I wanted to share my little sleepy/wakey dream analysis with you, cause, this is my blog and I can do what I like.

Here goes, and THIS IS SO COOL!

So, apparently Eagles (Migizi in Ojibway, NorthWestern Coastal language) symbolise some vastly important and impactful stuff; Foresight, strength, smarts, leadership, loyalty, Love.  Eagles mate for life, and some who have lost their mate have been known to take their own lives in despair. Intense eh?

The eagle is a symbol of greatness that most of us would undoubtedly aspire to.

So my take on it is thus:

I am no leader.  Power can be craved, fought over, or sought after by other people.  I give zero ****s about power or being a leader.  I am terrible at giving direction and I believe that more often than not people know what they are doing and need very little guidance from me to be amazing.

I am, however, very keen to keep marching to the beat of a different drum. Seems to me that the Eagle is symbolic of this kind of maverick behaviour.  Super keen to be doing amazing stuff with my gloriously geeky soulmate.  I doubt I will ever fully grasp the nuances and multilevelled meaning that the Eagle holds for the First Nation people here, but I respect other cultures mythology and storytelling, and tend to add my own meaning and bring my own experiences to understanding centuries old myths and legends, like the Eagle.

What was I talking about again?

Oh, yes, being an Eagle with Grumpy!


Grumpy and I, and many other people are working toward a future that makes me feel really good.  We’re conducting ourselves in business and life with kindness, honesty, and enthusiasm.  Our current projects are encouraging smarter processes and technologies, and challenging some greedy and traditional practices head on.  It has also shown me that there are people in business who aren’t motivated by greed, and want to do the right thing and make the world better.

It is all very heartening, fun, uplifting and means I get to work with and hang out (socially and professionally) with some of the biggest sustainability rockstars and brightest minds on the planet.  Not a bad life really.

So, what I gleaned out of the Eagle imagery was that we are on the right track.  Nothing more than that.  Just that we ought to keep doing what we are doing and try and soar through the challenges yadda, yadda, yadda…

Next… The light dancing rainbow stuff.

I’ll go google it and get back to you tomorrow.

(ps.  It took me four freaking days to post this because I have ALL the children and they are amazingly hard work when being dragged around the planet and so forth… but it has been great)




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