Needy? Yes InDEEdy!


Nothing Much to Say on this Saturday


I’ve made a personal goal to write every day though, so let’s see how long this conviction sticks.


Today, I don’t have anything particularly wise or useful to impart, so I’ll just go train of thought for a bit.


I’m 36,000 feet over the pacific with the sun coming up over my shoulder. Feeling content, the way I always do in a pressurized metal tube hurdling through the atmosphere at 2/3rds the speed of sound.


Sam Smith’s satiny voice is warbling in my noise cancelling ear buds, and the world remains a beautiful and broken place on terra firma far beneath us.


Grumpy is flipping through the Christchurch Press, after assuring me he didn’t want to read the paper. Just another of the many instances every day, that one of us knows the other better than we know ourselves.


We’ll land in Brisbane soon, where we have landed countless times before. Friends and family are dotted around Queensland, and the company that manufactures the 50kW fast chargers we are installing across New Zealand are based not too far from the airport.


Tonight, we will be attending an audience with Professor Brian Cox, and even get a chance to meet him face to face thanks to the VIP tickets we managed to arrange.


This is not the life I’d envisioned, and I know that my soul mate and husband would not, in his wildest imaginings, seen himself end up here. He’s managed to score a relatively attractive wife, and four beautiful, healthy children to keep his heart and house full of Love and noise. A successful string of inventions on his resume, and the means and support to gain national and international attention as together, we attempt to expedite the uptake of Electric Vehicle technology in New Zealand and across the planet. And, most importantly, a group of friends and allies that work alongside us, buoy us through difficult times, and cheer us on when things are going well.


For a couple of awkward kids in their early 20’s, with a string of concluded relationships in our wake, we’ve certainly landed on our feet since finding each other. I’d hazard a guess that most of the magic is only possible because we’re a team.


The reason all of this came to mind this morning was an article about working with your partner in the Virgin Disruptor app. The author was a highly emotional and expressive creative, and her husband was logical, even keeled and business minded. They invite conflict, fight, but fight fair, and work and play together. The only real secret of their success, and any couple’s resilience, as far as I can gather, isn’t really a secret at all. Trust, acceptance, honesty and truly wanting what is best for your partner.


There are other bits, like enjoying food, fun and family time together, and growing as individuals. And for us, we’re also deeply needy people. I think having a complimentary level of independence/neediness is probably useful. I wouldn’t last a year with an independent spirited type. I need to be adored and, need to swoon openly for my lover. What would suffocate some is safe and freeing to others. I’d recommend finding a complimentary character in the neediness department.


Well, that’s all I wanted to say today. I’ve got nothing life altering or ground breaking to say today. We’re just doing us with all the grace and gusto we can, and most of the time it works out pretty well.


Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re up to.




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