Religion, Tolerance and Friendship Meanderings on a Grey Friday

There have been a couple of ongoing themes this week.


Somehow, religion and spirituality keep coming up. A woman who I respect a great deal, who shares an active and admirable Christian faith with her husband and family, shared this post:


It got me thinking about how great the basic tenants of most religions are. Be kind. Be tolerant. Help. Be humble. Listen. Learn. Forgive. That’s the place I want to believe most people who practice an active and organised faith come from. There’s a lot of cynicism among some about the intent and activities of religious people, which seems at best counterproductive, and at worst oppressive. These thoughts are just my opinion of course. And, when everything is said and done, people will be judged by their actions I hope. There’s many Atheists and Agnostics who I know and Love that show tolerance and respect for spirituality, and actively live the values that are taught across many religions.


The other theme that keeps popping up this week is Friendship.


That is a staple in everyday life for me, as I am unashamedly reliant on the Love and trust I have built over time with people. I get hurt a lot and disappointed in the pitfalls of some relationships. Hearing things that are less than kind, reported to me second had can really hurt, but there is also often an element of truth to people’s misgivings or frustrations. Personally, I’d just prefer people to tell me so I know if there’s something they want me to change, or something I have done to offend.


Then, there’s the fact living my life as openly as I do means there’s a lot of opportunity for people who are woven into the tapestry of my life to stand up and correct others or actively defend me in my absence. I know how lucky I am to have people looking out for me, and I know how easy it is to throw stones at my proverbial glass mansion.


I suppose, what I am saying is something I have said on many days and in many ways before. Thank you to everyone who lets me occupy a part of your heart and head. I hope that all the loud, crazy, frenetic and unpredictable that comes with knowing me is forgivable and you feel that I bring something to the table in our friendship. I know that I’d be lost without the Love and support of those who have become a part of my world.


And whatever your religious or spiritual point of view, thank you for being the kind of person who can respect my journey to figuring out this very messy and unpredictable life.


Have a great weekend, and Thank You for reading.



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