Last night, around midnight, I posted YET ANOTHER blog about my battles with being a bit crazy.


Today, I earnestly tried to do all the right things to get my crazy under control. Here’s the story of the day and the kind of therapeutic things that I shamelessly indulged in.


Woke up, attempted to engage with the kids without yelling. Did I succeed?


Absolutely not.


I did, however, get the children out the door and to school with lunches on time. There was MUCH yelling, and perhaps a few tears. Whatever, I’m not in the running for mom of the year, but I do keep trying.


Then I planned on joining the Yoga class at the Massey gym before engaging in a day of study.


Traffic was terrible, so I was a few minutes late for the class. Opted to go to the gym instead.


I hate going to the gym. Proper h-a-t-e it. Once I am there, however… blissed out.


So today’s soundtrack was my power ballads set.


Warmed up to Damn Yankees: “Can you take me HIIIGGGGHHHHH enough? Can you fly me over, yesterday-ay-ay” and got my pulse-rate over 135 to the cheesy and or kick-ass ballads with big drum and guitar solos from Warrant, Alice in Chains, G’n’R, Ugly Kid Joe and of course Alice Cooper.


Hit my happy place at “Only Women Bleed” and I skipped over Radiohead because I am still mad at them for the terrible concert we went to a few years ago.


I had to nip out to drop a car to the sign writers, and then I went back and hit the gym for another session.


No big deal. My days and plans chop and change constantly. Even my me days.


Last night, I had no idea how many people would read and relate to my post about becoming quite a miserable person on my shiny new meds. I got to spend the better half of the day talking to people on DM. Beautiful conversations. Difficult conversations. Real conversations. Private conversations that will remain between myself, and those I chatted with.


I did some reading, caught up with my course coordinator (who I dare say has become a friend) and had a nice lunch with my husband.


Then I retired back to my sunny corner in the library, and did some more reading and I was all by myself. It was pretty great. I did not answer the phone (sorry if you called and I didn’t answer, I will call you tomorrow!) and I did not worry about work.


I had a wonderful, therapeutic day, not being anything to anyone, and doing things that I like and are good for me.


I. Just. Was. And it was quite wonderful.


Grabbed some groceries and cooked dinner for the troops. The kids ate it, which was a huge and rare win I must say.


The point I am trying to make is not deep or complicated.


Many (maybe even most) of us know what is good for us, and what then need when things get out of whack. Simple things like cutting down on caffeine, chopping out booze and depressants, limiting screen-time, being in the moment, seeking time in nature, eating well, and staying hydrated all help to realign things that are wonky.


I know that with families, and jobs, and life we can’t all get the time we need to do the therapeutic things that will help, so I’m just encouraging you to try and take what you need if you’re in need of some therapeutic time for you.


I did. So far, it has been awesome.


Have a wonderful day.


Thanks for reading.

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