No Fireworks for the Hobbits this Year

We’re NOT Buying Fireworks


It is November in New Zealand.  People can buy fireworks for private Guy Fawkes parties and events, for the next few days.


We will not buy any fireworks.


We used to have a big party and display every year.  I adore fireworks.  I like the smell, and the sound, and shiny display.  Reminds me of summer nights in Edmonton with my best friend Jill at Klondike days.  Or the end of the day at Disneyland.


Now, I would still attend a public display and enjoy it, but fireworks are, in my 40-year-old opinion, not worth the damage they incur.  Animals are spooked at best and severely traumatized and injured at worst.  We had a horse in the local equestrian club put down last year because someone threw fireworks through the fence and spooked the beautiful beast so it bolted and broke two legs.  The thought of this still makes me desperately sad and angry.


I am not hating on people who still Love their fireworks.  If managed responsibly and animals and nieghbours are kindly and considerately treated during events, then I guess tradition can stand for the 5th of November.  Personally, I do not feel that it is a very good thing to be celebrating in the first place, and the environmental and social impact of fireworks just doesn’t seem worth the risk.


Fireworks are just an example of things that have changed in my life and opinion over the years.  The care and concern I have for the hole in the ozone layer was not present when I was an awkward 13-year-old hillbilly in Alberta, spraying my bangs to stand straight up and my “puppy dog ears” sides straight out.  Oh my, that will show my age a bit won’t it.


DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron)

My soul sister and heroine Maya Angelou said it beautifully:  “Do the best you can until you know better.  When you know better, do better.”


None of us are perfect, none of us are doing all we can to help the planet, our communities, our families, friends, animals or the oceans.  But we are learning.  As we learn, we are changing things.  As things change NEW problems and opportunities present themselves.


What I am saying is simple.  Try and gain knowledge about the impact your decisions will have, and be impactful in the best direction your knowledge can steer you.  And while none of us will get it right the first time or every time, I think as long as each of us is putting forth a genuine effort to improve, then the whole crazy messed up world will improve right along with each and every one of us as we do.


And on that note, I am going to take a leaf out of the vegan playbook and have a nice dahl with rice for dinner tonight, because, although I have found it difficult to be a vegetarian, far less animal protein in diets would curb carbon and be a step in a beautiful direction for animal welfare.  I still REALLY love cheese and butter and baking though… sorry vegan friends.

Kay.  That’s my first blog for a long time, sorry if it’s not stellar, and thank you so much for reading.





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