Restless Last Night, Ready to Fight.

I didn’t sleep much at all last night.

Something about the wind makes me uneasy.  Add to that, a very fraught day, letting go of some things that are simply too heavy to hold, an ethics paper to research, and more work sprawled out before me than I could ever hope to start, let alone complete, and the result of that mess was that sleep just sort of got elbowed offstage last night.

I saw a friend online and we had goodnight chats.  He’s had boy troubles, and we’ve grown comfortably close in the wake of the various challenges thrown at both of us.  The last thing my big, beautiful, brilliant baby bear sent me was a link on the archetypical warrior with only the words:

This is you:

And I watched it, and it was a bit academic, and the narrator was too monotone for my vivacity and taste, but oh my, it got me thinking.  It got me thinking about the women who are warriors in my world.  All the women in my world are warriors.  The best versions of themselves in the pursuit of more for those around them.  It made my eyes leak a bit.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 07.30.00

This is the gauntlet I’m throwing down this Wednesday. Embrace your warrior you authentic heroines of varied shapes, sizes, religions, colours, creeds, career paths, and locations.

I’m aiming for non-violent/activist warrior because that’s pretty much the most rewarding and fulfilling space I have or ever will function in I think.  Warrior for my babies, my friends, and even people I will never, ever meet.  I’m lucky enough to have had a fire in my belly and an axe to grind my entire life, and it’s even MORE effective and fun when there’s more people charging into battle alongside you.

I’ve only got two workdays under my belt and about to start the third, after sharing an incredibly vulnerable and visceral blog on Sunday night.  Kind words from people I Love and respect about their own journeys, and suprising reactions from one or two people who I thought had a much less soft and sensitive inside.  One of my pleasant surprises was a coffee with my sweetheart Mr. W.  He gave me this gem, and I shall end with it:

“Don’t let anyone tell you to ‘just get over it’.” He said.  “You need to go through your own journey, and the best people in your life will let you. And they won’t pretend to know how you feel, they’ll just be there when and how you need.”

So, now, I’ll put on my heels and red lipstick and head back into battle, because that’s the path I’m best at.  Keep going and rest when I can.  Find a mountain to move and move it with and magic of Love, respect, and community.

Happy Wednesday to all you warriors.  Women and men. And thank you especially to those of you who constantly go into battle alongside me, on so very many fronts.

Have a great day.