Windy Wellington with Number One Son Daniel

Daniel and I have had a lazy couple of days, and landed yesterday evening in Wonderful Wellington. 

My two eldest kids astound me with their earnest, kindness, honesty, integrity and seemingly limitless desire to just hang out with their mother.  This is no doubt a symptom of the incredibly busy life and travel schedule that keeps us apart so much.  They both regularly point out how much they prefer the comfort and chaos of my company to any social scenario or situation.  The feeling is quite mutual, as they make me laugh and hold me endlessly accountable and give me pause to explain and defend my opinions and views. Our conversations are fearless and confronting at times, but mostly incredibly intelligent and entertaining.


My son is a massive mensch.  He will sit cross legged on the floor if the cats are in his chair and beanbag, as he doesn’t want to disturb them.  He feels terrible if anyone buys him anything he didn’t specifically request or require, as his visceral hatred of rampant consumerism and the state it has left our planet in make receiving an unwanted gift too much for his incredibly awakened sensibilities to handle.


Today we are getting his hair cut.  This morning we hit the market and met his dad and his dad’s date.  She is great. The sun has peaked out through Wellington clouds, and it is a wonderful feeling to be in our nation’s capital on a crisp blue sky winter day.


Daniel and I were walking between the market and the Museum (Te Papa) and he brought up a discussion about how he always asks people what two superpowers we would like to have and why.


“Most people ask you what one superpower you’d like, but really, I think it is better to have two.”  He stated as we strode across the windy waterfront to the museum entrance.


It is his assertion that he’d like to stop time and be able to see ten seconds into the future, but at all times.  Like that was just normally how he rolled, and it wouldn’t affect his daily routines or senses.


“You know how you can see and smell and use all your senses at once, well, my combination of extra powers would meld in and just be, and I could like save people and improve things effortlessly without anyone knowing.  I think it is pretty selfish, but I have thought about it a lot.”  He explained.


“Well,” I responded when it was clearly my turn to talk. “Kindness of course, as that’s the most powerful thing I know of.  And I am not always kind, so yeah, that superpower is important to manage any others I think.”  He giggled in his way and allowed me silence to finish my thought.


“And teleportation, but I would like to have with me my passport, credit card, and be able to be wearing whatever I am wearing when I jump. OH, and if I am hanging onto someone they can jump with me.  We could hit the Cherry Blossoms in Japan regularly and be home for dinner.  It’d be so great!”  I bubbled.


He looked at me pensively and slowed his stride a bit, his 70’s footballer slick black locks blowing in the windy Wellington breeze.


“You already have Kindness as a superpower.”  He proclaimed with a smile.


He got a fairly massive hug and we carried on chatting for a while with an ease and earnest that flows between mother and child when the child is reaching independence.


So now, we will go off and get that haircut.



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