Leaving New York

Here’s a Spotify playlist I’ve been enjoying all morning as I make myself ready for the return to the UK. I am a mess of sniffles and silent tears at the Newark airport.  Joni Mitchell’s Chelsea Morning floods into my ears: “if only you will staaaaay!” And I’m a puddle. I have hugged easily 100 … More Leaving New York

Be Your Own Hero

I find it quite impossible to put into words, just how floored I am by the strength of many of the people (particurly women, there, I said it!) I am blessed to know.  They keep going through all manner of personal and professional struggles, melee, and storm.   And I’m genuinely bothered when I think … More Be Your Own Hero

It’s A Shame

My son and I were discussing the crippling guilt and shame we feel a lot of the time, over some sushi at our local mall.  We are both kept awake worrying that we’ve done or said things to hurt people.  He piped up with the comment, “The golden rule tells us to do unto others, … More It’s A Shame

A Journey to (and from) Casa Diana in the Dominican Republic… Guided Meditation

There’s seemingly no rhyme or reason to most things.  How can a small-town freak from nowhere Alberta be at an amazing women’s retreat in the Dominican Republic, surrounded by some gloriously diverse and palpably powerful women from New York?  How can this be happening to one person, while others are at bedside vigils for children, … More A Journey to (and from) Casa Diana in the Dominican Republic… Guided Meditation

Happy at Home

To say it is nice to be in bed with my beautiful boys (eldest and youngest) watching the Watership Down reboot with the four year old tattooed to me, his head on my chest so he can hear me breathing and his tiny hand resting on my neck as he has done since he was … More Happy at Home