A Little Break

I need to start by saying there is no such thing as a wonder woman.  Juggling work, life, social, family, romantic, personal, medical, emotional, and general responsibilities is enough to drive anyone around the bend.  I’ve had something to prove for a long time. I’ve tried too hard, been too much, and lived a life of … More A Little Break

The World is Watching

It is mere hours from the polls opening in the USA for what may be the most important midterm elections of modern times.  The balance of power, international relations, and the current tone toward and treatment of many people within and neighbouring the USA is not only confounding but frequently very frightening. The political system … More The World is Watching

Dee on Leadership

I am heading down to Queenstown on Wednesday to catch up with two of the many Goddesses I have been lucky to meet since starting the ChargeNet journey toward energy independence for New Zealand.  It hasn’t been a cake walk.  Hours are long, stress can run pretty high, and the high stakes and tight deadlines … More Dee on Leadership


The theme for today, was the value we place in things. Definition: It isn’t a secret, that I am no fan of money – it hurts me every single day that contributions that people make with the work they do or the time they spend seems to often not equal monetary gain.  Nurses, doctors, scholars … More Value

The Mother of Pain

For the first six weeks I was in too much emotional pain to cry.   Last week the levy of tears was breached and the leak is still a constant   There’s an irony, that the diagnosis my son has been given echoes so much about my own emotional and neurological struggles since childhood.   … More The Mother of Pain