Dee on Leadership

I am heading down to Queenstown on Wednesday to catch up with two of the many Goddesses I have been lucky to meet since starting the ChargeNet journey toward energy independence for New Zealand.  It hasn’t been a cake walk.  Hours are long, stress can run pretty high, and the high stakes and tight deadlines … More Dee on Leadership


The theme for today, was the value we place in things. Definition: It isn’t a secret, that I am no fan of money – it hurts me every single day that contributions that people make with the work they do or the time they spend seems to often not equal monetary gain.  Nurses, doctors, scholars … More Value

The Mother of Pain

For the first six weeks I was in too much emotional pain to cry.   Last week the levy of tears was breached and the leak is still a constant   There’s an irony, that the diagnosis my son has been given echoes so much about my own emotional and neurological struggles since childhood.   … More The Mother of Pain