The Best Bits

It is 3:38 am. The baby woke me up and I can’t get back to sleep and I am just thinking about the bits that I like. What do I mean? Well, you know how there’s a bit in a bunch of songs that you like, and that’s your favourite bit? Or a bit in … More The Best Bits

Big Boobs Blog

In the first trimester of my fourth pregnancy, something happened. My boobs ballooned to ludicrously large and have not returned to any semblance of normalcy. The absolute largest nursing bra I have been able to get my hands on in regular retail outlets is a 14HH and I spill out of that even. I’m sick … More Big Boobs Blog


I have been scouring my files for the video of Carol delivering this FABULOUS poem to us at our Valentines day celebration.  Sadly, no dice.  Couldn’t find it anywhere. Let me introduce you to Carol anyway. She is a deep, kind, thoughtful, passionate, intelligent, interesting and wonderful woman.  She’s also a Canadian Kiwi (Caniwi) like … More Carol

Ten Years Down the Road – Part ONE – The Hobbits Meet and Marry

So I had a number of options for this.  A teeth-itching and overly sweet homage to the many things I Love about Grumpy.  Erm.  Nah. Then I thought I could do a nice cheesy “Secrets to a successful marriage” thing for you all to read.  Upon reflection, I realized that our marriage is not always … More Ten Years Down the Road – Part ONE – The Hobbits Meet and Marry