Reflection and Protection

I’ve just been reading a few of the harrowing and heart breaking real-life mental health crises the activist and advocate Mike King has been sharing on social and traditional media. It highlights that we are a nation faced with a genuine epidemic, and I have so much respect for all those who share their stories. … More Reflection and Protection

How Now

There was a post that flashed by my feed on Instagram a few weeks ago. A beautiful young woman with empty eyes on the left, and the same face with soulful kind eyes on the right. Apparently nearly 20 years had passed between pictures but the soulful eyed woman did not appear much older if … More How Now

Big Boobs Blog

In the first trimester of my fourth pregnancy, something happened. My boobs ballooned to ludicrously large and have not returned to any semblance of normalcy. The absolute largest nursing bra I have been able to get my hands on in regular retail outlets is a 14HH and I spill out of that even. I’m sick … More Big Boobs Blog

Children, chores and failed chocolate chip banana cake.

Today is the birthday of one of my most FAVOURITE humans in the whole word. We’ve been friends for nearly two decades now. I am currently fighting with a banana cake attempting to make it look like a heart… Not winning. We’ll be popping in to surprise her at her work later today.  We’ll deliver … More Children, chores and failed chocolate chip banana cake.