No Safe Place in My Head Today…

Not everything I write will be a masterpiece.

The fact that it might be sub-par, uninteresting or even worse completely unintelligible has left me paralysed.

beautiful journalist looks typewriter

I guess it can be called writers block.  I’d be more inclined to call it performance anxiety.

At any rate, it has been over a months since I gave this once consistently updated blog any Love.

In that month more has happened than would have happened over an entire year in a previous life (before the sustainability stuff grabbed me by the heart and head and took me and my entire family on the whirlwind adventure we are still firmly ensconced in).

I guess I just wanted to check in really quickly and say this:

There are times when a lot is happening, there are times when very little is going on.  Honour wherever you are and do not judge your own worth by the activities of people around you.

I’ve said it before and I will say it many times still I’m sure:  Comparison is the thief of Joy.

I can say that today because I’ve had aaaalllll my joy temporarily stolen comparing myself to others who struggle or excel.  Seriously, there’s no safe place in my hobbity head today, so I just thought I’d check in share my little rut.

I’ll go back to watching pingu with my sick son and hopefully I can steal a nap.  Napping/sleeping is my favourite thing when this kind of blues sneak in.

I hope wherever you are when you read this you can take a moment some really deep breaths to realise that you’re absolutely perfect.  That’s the truthiest thing you might read today. You. Are. Perfect.  You are perfectly you, and nobody will ever be as perfectly and uniquely you as you are right now and every moment.  And that’s pretty fantastic.

Okay, I am away.

Have a good day.

Hip hip hooray…

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