Still Get Excited at The Airport

After years of lounging like a lizard in airports around the planet, I STILL get a bit excited about traveling.  Especially when it is for business, and that business is MY business.

Today started at 5:00am.  I had one of those broken sleeps where you wake with a start because you know you have something important happening early.  So I was up at 12:30am. 2:00am. 4:08. And then again at 5:00.

I kissed the kiddies at around 6:00am and headed out the door.


Not feeling super peppy at the moment.

When I got to the airport and was ushered briskly through Koru parking I was walking a few steps behind my COO Nick, and the Love of my life Grumpy, who were wearing their ChargeNet jackets.  We look really spiffy.  And I can’t wipe the smile off my face while I think about how lucky I am to be a part of this amazing company and the sustainablity and green tech movement in general.

As we strolled confidently swapping inappropriate jokes, I caught several backpackers and travellers through the corner of my eye.

I turned to Nick and said:

“You know, there’s a little part of me that pines for a life that I could lead that meant no work, just traveling from place to place and adventuring.  Or working on philanthropic fun stuff around the globe.  But then, I get to hang out with our partners, our community, our customers, and I get all warm and enthusiastic again.” Beamed I…

“Funny how you think something would be awesome, but sitting around totally sucks eh.  You two wouldn’t last five minutes without having a project on your plate.  You’d go even more mental than you already are if you weren’t busy all the time.”  Giggled Nick.


So now, I am settled in and on my second coffee of the morning.


We’re heading down to open the latest live fast charging station in Wellington.  I Love Wellington.  I Love heaps of people down there, and the coffee is always spot on, and the food is great, and people are smart, and the beer is cold, and there is no better place on the planet than Wellington on an admittedly all-too-rare, calm and sunny day.

I spend more time at airports than I ever could have foreseen as a lonely outcast growing up in rural Alberta.  And when I was that lonely outcast, airports symbolised a much yearned for escape and promise of adventure.  I was always better at making friends ANYWHERE aside from the place where I grew up.

So now, as a much happier adult than I ever was a child, I still get happy flip flops in my stomach when I walk into an airport.  I still feel anticipation and comfort knowing I will be seeing people I adore and doing things I Love to do, and then coming safely home to the comfort and chaos of my four children.

I Love the airport.  I won’t be afraid to step into airports, nor will I curb my enthusiasm for the trip to Europe and the USA to talk to dozens of EV influencers.

Saying that, it will be a bumpy ride heading into our nation’s capital this morning.

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