5 Days – Shots/Shopping and what about Santa?

One of the distinct advantages, and I am not gonna lie, one of the main reasons we chose to take this vacation over December and January is to avoid the stress and consumerism of Christmas.  

Every year I say I am going to tone it down, and only buy gifts for a few people, and reign in my fanciful fits of entertaining… and every year I totally fail to do this.

SOOooooo.  This year we’re leaving to completely eliminate the temptation to be horrendously Hobbity and buy gifts for dozens (if not hundreds) of people who weren’t expecting them, and probably only feel awkward and obligated by my gregarious generosity… 

I couldn’t leave without sating my undeniable addiction to the Silly Season at least once however, so we are having a small gathering, with forty or fifty of our closest friends and family and I am putting on the mean as Holiday feast (Thanksgiving Themed, as we’re ever so thankful for the Motley Crew that we know and Love.)

Here’s a picture of the last few bits and bobs I picked up for Friday’s feast:



So with the shopping out of the way, I get to prepare for our shots.  Five Healthy Happy Hobbits are heading to the travel clinic to be scared into spending hundreds of dollars of kits, and accessories.  We will be getting our yellow fever shots, and we’ll consider malaria meds and emergency kits for gastro etc.  But in 10 years of extensive travel, we’ve yet to fall prey to any tropical diseases… that we know of.  Still best to be risk averse and make sure we take reasonable precautions not to get sick.  

Here’s a link to the doctors office we are heading to this afternoon if you want to have your brain fried by the endless options as I have: http://travelclinic.co.nz

The other pressing matter we have been discussing when we have a chance, is Santa’s visit.  We don’t want to lug clunky gifts across the planet, but we don’t want to completely forgo the magic of Christmas either… suggestions on this matter would be GRATEFULLY appreciated.

So there’s where we are up to.

I have done exactly zero packing.  Have not so much as set aside my smalls to be packed as yet, but I’ll get there, always do.

Yesterday’s quiche was amazeballs, seriously, and the kids had several helpings.

The cousins (particularly my full blooded boy cousin on the planet) have invaded my heart and my home, and I can’t begin to tell you how much I Love and appreciate them and the time we have spent together, and goodbye is gonna SUCK!

I’ll let you know how we go at the travel clinic… and I’ll keep a photo log of the packing fiasco.

TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now)


5 thoughts on “5 Days – Shots/Shopping and what about Santa?

  1. When Santa visited us on overseas holidays he brought small things from the country we were in, because he knew luggage to come home was an issue and he wanted us to have little souvenirs to remember our Christmas overseas…

    • YAY! My first interaction on my BLOG! SO EXCITED! And I concur, keeping it simple and maybe grabbing a couple of video games while we are in the States cause they are small and I can try and find some educational ones. MISS YOU! XXOO

  2. Oh what a wonderful idea! (I so agree that Christmas has become a vertiable cacophony of consumerism) You’re going to have such a blast and the kids will love it. Maybe a few small ‘kiwi’ prezzies for them (if you can fit them in your suitcase) since you’ll be far away from home. My only advice (based on a rather unpleasant African experience) is to TRIPLE check that your water is okay for drinking – but I’m sure you know that already. Looking forward to reading every installment – and living it vicariously of course!

    • We’ve had our shots now, and all feeling a little worse for wear. I got talked into ALL the shots and we did yellow fever for the rest of the family and we promise to check, and recheck the water. Getting excited now… a bit nervous perhaps, but very excited! XXOO

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