Tuesday Truthiness After Taking Stock of Tasks

Someone suggested I sit down at the end of the day and take stock of what I managed to accomplish that day. cheklist I did this, half-heartedly, as I do any administrative task. I’ve shared it here, I strongly suggest you fully just skim/skip over it and rejoin me after the bullet list. So yesterday, some of the stuff I did was:

  • Wake up at 5:00 to baby
  • Flat tyre on the way to first meeting, dropped the car off but still made it to the meeting in time as mom rescued me and dropped me off
  • Reminded/told at least 30 people that I respect/admire/Love/appreciate them (or a combination of all or more of these things) in absolute earnest. About a third of that happened on social media or over the phone, another third at a morning networking meeting I attend, and the final third were my family or they work with me or I ran into them during the course of my day or evening
  • Bumped into or came across a small number of people who actively dislike me and did my best to play nicely
  • Got the tyres changed on the Tesla
  • Moved money around to pay for the Tyres. I proper hate banking
  • Took two of the tyre guys on a test drive shared on Instagram, FB and twitter (FB had best engagement as usual)
  • Finally bought a MacBook air as it is easier for me to carry around for blogging/writing on the go. Have been meaning to for months, so our Office Manager can inherit my MacBook pro, as she does a lot of design work for us and needs the tools and functionality far more than I do
  • Wrote, posted and got final editing advice on a blog about two of the people I reminded/told that I admired – need to do final edits and share that link from the betternz.org page over social today. Joe wrote most of the content, I just did some editing/massaging
  • Talked to my husband about ten times
  • Talked to my mom about five times
  • Cried at a prelimary life-coaching meeting (not because it was suggested that I write a list, but because I cry a lot just recently)
  • Had a very nice young man and his beautiful partner pop in to the house to collect one of our electric cars to demonstrate to a gaggle of New Zealand CEO’s. We will pick it back up from him in Newmarket on Friday morning before the gym and after I collect Grumpy from the airport
  • Had some chats with friends who work in the office next to me. One of them is mending a broken heart and asking some hard questions about life. Hope she’s alright
  • Thanked a friend for arranging a cover story in a reputable business magazine that will feature Charge Net
  • Got briefed on flowers/candles and staging for a photoshoot at the apartment that we are renting out through air bnb
  • Briefly caught up with the nanny/housekeeper (who is obviously also a friend, because that is how we roll) about plans for the rest of the week and how everyone enjoyed the movie (Inside Out)
  • Got a task list from Priscilla (completed two of the things, have more to do today)
  • Arranged to visit a friend and advocate of the EV and sustainable movement and bring them up to the off-grid treehouse for a break from the sad circumstances that brought them to the Auckland region. Very good people and I am blessed to have crossed paths with them.
  • Touched base with the people staying at the Treehouse this weekend, and encouraged them to arrange some extra wood for heating and to feel free to kill possums if they have the means and the inclination, because the possums are a huge problem and obviously affecting the bird life up there.
  • Culled about 30 inactive twitter “followers”
  • Checked in on all the social campaigns (mostly facebook stuff) I am keeping an eye on
  • Organised a playdate for Steph tomorrow
  • Read several articles
  • Laughed dozens of times (I know it was at least dozens of times, as every time I laugh it hurts rather a lot as I broke my rib on a waterslide on Sunday)
  • Posted a video that I put together several weeks ago for our sustainability work
  • Edited some copy
  • Answered some emails
  • Spent a bit of time on the phone to Oliver, Pam, Aaron and the nice man named JP at Carters Tyre Centre
  • Left some messages on some phones about some things
  • Plugged in the Tesla to charge, locked up the office, made it home before 4:00pm
  • Made a roast chicken with Israeli cous cous and veggies (nobody but James and I enjoyed the cous cous but I assure you it was AMAZE!)
  • Disciplined Adam and sent him to his room for melting down. He missed out on black and white pudding that is his favourite. He’s been having so many challenges. We adore him and we’re tackling issues head-on with extensive testing, help from many people, and an amazing support network
  • Yelled at the children to get off of electronics (estimate about half a dozen times between three of them)
  • Ate dinner with mom, dad and mother in law and the children (we normally just get take-out and throw food on the table and hope some lands in the children, so last night was really nice)
  • Played some crib and lost
  • Drank A LOT of tea
  • Watched a lot of cartoons
  • Spent a good two hours scouring newsfeeds and liking/commenting on stuff…

There were more bits and pieces. Several things fell through the cracks, as several things do every single day. I have omitted these things, as dwelling on them won’t get them done any faster. I have no idea how that day would measure up compared to any other people’s day. Cooking for and eating with my family was a rare treat. I was home before it was dark, and managed to throw some food together and that was probably the highlight of the entire day. Truth is, I remain absolutely in a stone-cold funk despite my best efforts to shake it. I’ve been lucky enough to hurt myself so that every time I pivot, laugh, pick anything up, bend down, or breath to deeply it is painful. That pain often makes me laugh as I automatically think about how the injury occurred (flying inelegantly through the air and crashing down in a chubby 37 year old heap in a dark waterslide). On a few occasions yesterday, it hurt rather a lot. There were some lessons and truths that stuck out a country mile when I reflect on yesterday’s somewhat standard and beautifully banal day.

  • I really, truly Love and appreciate a lot of people
  • Haters gonna hate
  • In my home with family is a wonderful, safe, warm… and very loud and chaotic… place
  • I have no control over other people’s thoughts and actions, but my thoughts and actions can be very impactful (build up or tear down)
  • There’s never quite enough hours in the day
  • Every day there’s some level of progress or a win to be celebrated regarding the sustainability passion projects we are currently championing, and, although it never seems to be fast enough, I am grateful for forward momentum
  • I could (perhaps should) reign in my crazy a bit and piss less people off, but that genuinely seems inauthentic to me, so I am making a councious effort to continue to let it all hang out (within reason, trust me when I tell you I do hold it together more than some could ever imagine, but still openly share my struggles and brace myself daily for the fall out of this)
  • I totally want to spend more time with my family and get back to cooking meals and baking with the kids and things…

So that’s it. Not ground breaking stuff by any stretch of the imagination, but that was a slightly-less-hectic-than-usual typical Tuesday.  No major epiphanies.  And even though I have been bitten on the bottom again by a severe case of the sads, I am full of gratitude. Right now it is just after 4:00am so I’d be grateful for a little bit more sleep. Thanks for reading (or probably more accurately skimming) today’s lengthy meanderings.

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